Toshiba Laptop (Redington India Limited) Service Cheating

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Respected Sir,

I had given my Toshiba Satellite L300 (Laptop ) for Paid Service with Redignton (India) Limited,3-B,Villanur Road,Naresan Nagar,Pondicherry – 605 005.Phone :0413 – 2200314.They told that I have to pay Rs.6799.00.

My Problem with Laptop was Display goes Different Color while using the Charger.

I agreed to pay and gave my Laptop with Work Order No. : PO/13/00975 Dated on 12-08-2013.On 31-08-2013 they returned my Laptop by getting the above said amount for Service. At that time when I gave for service itself , I had asked to return the old spare to return to me as it was charged 6799.00.But they failed to do that .

With next few Days , the same Color Problem happened to my Laptop .So I had retured back to them for same service.They had my Laptop for 2 weeks and then returned to me stating that “problem was resolved”.

During this time when they return my Laptop , I had noticed that DVD Drive was not working , I asked about this issue,.They did not respond me anything. I again asked for the old spare to return.Now also they told will get the Spare from Chennai and return soon.But no Reply.

Again on 29-10-13 I had the same problem .They took my Laptop and told me that they was some problem in service . So they told will rectify all the problems and give it back with work order No.:PO/13/01602 dated 29/10/13.

Multiple problems reported : DVD not working ,Fan sometimes not RUN (Over Heat),Display goes Different Color,RGB Color Coming.

They Again sent my laptop to Chennai for problem solving .

On 22-11-13,they returned my laptop at the same time same issue was noticed at their office itself. They tried to connect my laptop with their spare Charger.It was not getting charged.

Another main problem , When I connect my adaptor for Laptop for Charging , it does not work. When I asked about that issue , they replied that “they forgot to connect the Power Socket inside the laptop”.

Today 06-12-13 , I called to them asking about my laptop, they told me that “we got your laptop,but it was with the same problem.,”

After 5 months of time , I did not get any proper response or my Laptop returned back from service.Instead,those service people were Learning how to repair a laptop by Creating multiple problems in a single laptop.

They are simply telling that we had sent that from Pondicherry Redington to Chennai Redington. Fedup with their Foolish Replies.

I asked for some manager contact no. or asked for Some Senior person Contact,but they refused to respond me properly.

Now,After 5 months of time , I don’t want to run behind these service people asking for my Laptop. I am going to file a case with Consumer Court .

Paying my money before 5 months and following the Redington india Limited.

Still no use.

I had made around 50 to 60 calls to get my Laptop Status. But Very Very Worst Response.

After this many issues created by Redington (India) Limited,Pondicherry by doing all trail research on my laptop. I don’t want to take this error laptop with me .

Redington (India) Limited Pondicherry had to give me New Laptop with Same Brand with Same Configuration.

So please accept this Consumer Complaint and File a case against:

Service Center:

Redington (India) Limited.

3-B,Villianur Road,

Natesan Nagar,

Pondicherry – 605 005.

Ph:0413-2200314 , 2200315.

Consumer Details : (out of Warrenty )

Paid bill amount : Rs.6799.00 with Work Order :PO/13/00975 Dated 12/08/2013


Mobile no : 90037 68111 , 9487050413.

Toshiba Satellite L300

Serial no : X8720421Q.

Work order no : PO/13/01602.

Review about: Toshiba Laptop Redington India Limited Service Che.

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